Parents & Community - HOPE Group

 The HOPE (Help Our Precious Environment) Group    

The HOPE Group aims on teaching the students how to care for the environment and live sustainably.

There are 3 areas:                                                                                                 

  • The Gardening Group
  • The Bushland Group
  • Recycling after school activities


The Gardening Group

Every term, 2 children from each class are selected by their teacher to participate in the Gardening Group. The sessions take place at the School Garden on Wednesday lunch times from 12.20pm–1pm.  The focus is on sustainable gardening.  The children learn how to care for an organic edible garden, learn about different propagating methods and how to collect seeds, amongst other things. There is also a large composting area and 2 fridge worm farms that the children help to manage, and we then utilise in the garden. There is an emphasis on recycling during all activities. This is a hands on, where the children are free to participate in the particular activities that interest them.

The Gardening Group is run by volunteers.  If you would like to get involved, please contact Jill Hankin,



The Bushland Group

The Bushland Group is a Club that has been set up to help care for and regenerate Alfreton Bushland which borders our school. This bush has a huge diversity of plants, invertebrates, birds and reptiles. There are bobtails and evidence of quendas living here.  The group meets 1-2 times a term to learn about our Bushland, remove invasive plants, and to plant native trees/bushes. In 2015, over 200 trees were planted by the Bushland Group. The Joondalup Council helps by spraying weeds and providing seedlings and fencing.

If you are interested in getting involved, or learning more about the Bushland Group, please contact Pam Algar,

Recycling After School Activities 

The school promotes use of the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle). There are worm bins outside of most classrooms and a battery recycling bin available to the community.

In addition to this, The HOPE Group holds after school Recycling Activities for students who are interested. In 2015, we held a Worm Farm Making Workshop, a Wicking Bed session and a Christmas Craft Activity session, all of which used mostly recycled materials.


HOPE Group Fundraisers 

In order to raise money for the running of The HOPE Group we will be doing a number of different fundraisers in 2016.  Worm Wiz, a great plant tonic for your garden, will be available to purchase before every assembly. Also, after the success of the Garden products Fundraiser, run with the support of Green Life Soils Company in March, we plan on repeating this fundraiser in Spring!