Parents & Community - P&C Committee

Glengarry Primary School Parents & Community Association


Welcome to the Glengarry Primary School P&C Association. We play a vital role in enhancing the education and growth of children in Glengarry Public School by providing additional services and fundraising activities throughout the year.  



We provide a number of services to the school such as:

  • Book Club
  • Canteen provision
  • HOPE group (gardening group and bush club)
  • Safety House
  • School banking
  • Second hand uniform shop

Our fundraising committee organises numerous functions throughout the year providing great social events for the school. In 2016 we raised $19 000 by participating in:

  • Art Show
  • Cake stalls and BBQ at sports carnivals, assemblies and election day
  • Discos
  • Entertainment book sales
  • Gardening product sales
  • Lapathon
  • Meet and greet
  • Retro Bingo Night for the parents

In 2016 we were able to donate $28 000 to the school to assist with the purchase of a number of essential items:

  • Classroom cabinets
  • HOPE group
  • Junior school robotics systems
  • Mathletics
  • Reading books
  • Water trough for Kindy 


All members of the community and parents are welcome to attend P&C meetings throughout the year, which are generally Monday nights, 7:30pm, weeks 3 and 8 of each term. We look forward to welcoming new members to the P&C. Please do not hesitate to contact our Secretary Catherine Frauenfelder if you have any questions about the P&C.


I look forward to working with you all this year.

Amanda Schonfeld

P&C President


P&C Meeting Minutes

February 22nd 2016

March 21st 2016

May 9th 2016

June 13th 2016

August 1st 2016

September 5th 2016

November 28th 2016