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School Board Members 


Peter Meston - Principal 

The Principal of the school maintains an ex-officio role on the School Board and I am fortunate to have filled this position since 2010. Prior to accepting the position at Glengarry PS, I was Principal at a number of metropolitan primary schools, notably Cloverdale PS, Churchlands PS and Carlisle PS. These positions were preceded by periods of time in country location as an educational leader, including Mingenew, Esperance, Norseman and Babakin.

During this time, my wife and I have raised two children, with my son maintaining a desire to continue the family tradition of teaching.

My role on the School Board is to keep the Board fully informed of all school operations including supporting the analysis of data and the resulting strategic planning to address areas of need. Ultimately, this intent aligns implicitly to the school’s vision of ensuring we maximise the potential of all students.


Catherine Rudd – Staff Representative 

I first set foot at Glengarry in 2007 as a relief teacher and since then have been fortunate enough to contribute to the growth and development of our school across many roles that I have held as a classroom teacher from Pre- Primary to Year 7, and in specialist roles. Whilst being a committed Mum to my three delights, I also fulfil the role as Deputy Principal alongside Miss Cole with the following portfolio's: Mathematics, SAER, Data and whole school sports. Everyday I am reminded of how lucky I am to be part of such a motivated, engaging and wholesome school community.

I am passionate about teaching students how to be good people and I love that we have positive role models in our student leadership, staff and community to show them how.  In my role on the school board I hope to bring energy and drive in our pursuit of achieving excellence across all areas of schooling.


Urszula Helac - Parent Representative 


My name is Urszula Helac and I have been fortunate enough to join the school board this year. I have three children currently attending Glengarry Primary School and feel very grateful to be given the opportunity to be a parent representative.

Along side of being a  parent, I run my own business as a Personal Mortgage Advisor where I strive to help people reach their financial goals to allow them to succeed both personally and professionally.

My focus is to bring families, community, and the school together to help enhance the emotional and academic well being of our children.



Jacinta Stephens - Staff Representative 


I have been teaching at Glengarry Primary School for over 10 years now and am lucky to hold a permanent position here. 

I have taught all year levels from K - 7 and am currently teaching year 5. I love to have fun with my students and enjoy creating a positive classroom environment where students know they're safe, cared for and can learn to the best of their abilities.

Glengarry is a supportive school with a beautiful environment.  As well as a teacher I am a mother to 3 girls and am lucky enough to have 2 of them attending Glengarry.

Whilst holding a position on the board I hope to add some insight from the classroom and keep Glengarry excelling in education. 



 Gail Kimpton – Community Member

I have been part of the Glengarry Community for many years. My daughter was a student here. Our long connection has continued with my three granddaughters, now attending this dynamic primary school.

I am a retired Educator but maintain an active interest in this school as a volunteer in the Reading/ English Learning Area, supporting students with their learning journey.  

Throughout my career I have been passionate about education. With vast experience in the Primary School, as Principal, Deputy Principal and Classroom Teacher. I have taught all year levels from Year One to Seven. As a School Leader I have been a positive influence on whole school communities. I am convinced that the teaching profession has a most important task to do, as we influence hearts and minds of generations to come.

I am currently the Chairperson/Secretary of the One Big Voice Festival. Glengarry Primary School is an active and enthusiastic participant in our programme. I love music. It has been said by many that ‘Music is food for the soul’. I believe that the contribution that it makes to the atmosphere, tone, performance and life of a school and its community is immeasurable.

I know that I am well placed, as a Community member, to bring my positive experiences and perspectives, to assist at a Board Level however I can. I have relished the opportunity to be a part of the Glengarry Primary School Board in 2019.


Melissa Stoney - Parent Representative

My name is Melissa Stoney and I joined the School Board in 2019. I have two children at Glengarry Primary School. I have found Glengarry Primary School to be a warm and welcoming community, and I am delighted to be a part of the School Board. 

In my professional life, I run a small law firm working with clubs, charities and small to medium business. I have also worked with schools and universities for the past 10 years, providing support to research and academic programs. I have a strong interest in the education sector and working to ensure our school continues to provide a strong and positive environment for our children.    


Vi Garrood – Parent Representative


My name is Vi Garrood and both my daughters attend Glengarry Primary School.  One of the things that I love about this school is the strong sense of community, which can only happen if everyone pulls together to build an environment of trust, respect, support and collaboration.  In 2020 I was delighted to be elected to the School Board, where I hope to help further grow the community and educational aspirations of the school.

By profession I am an electrical engineer, and manage a team that develop long term plans for remote energy systems across Western Australia.  I really enjoy science, technology, and engineering and like how students are increasingly being exposed to STEM as part of the school curriculum.


Matt Morgan 


My name is Matt Morgan and I joined the school board in 2022. I have three children attending Glengarry PS, and consider my family very fortunate to be a part of such a warm and kind community.

In my professional life I work in technology as a Product Manager, leading a development team for a Brisbane based eLearning startup. I'm passionate about solving problems with technology, and about creating high functioning and inclusive teams. 

Glengarry PS is a pillar of our community, and a source of pride. I look forward to promoting deeper collaboration between the community and the school as we work towards our vision for the future. 


Caroline Goldie

I joined the Glengarry School Board in 2022 and am passionate about helping Glengarry equip our children with the emotional skills, self-management techniques and knowledge they will need for the future, along with a crucial love of learning and reading. My two children have both benefitted enormously from the opportunities, community spirit and dedicated teaching staff at Glengarry.

I believe positive outcomes are better enabled by strong ties between the school management and parents and carers and, as a researcher by profession, I aim to ensure that their voices play a key role in school decisions and help the school continue to evolve and meet the challenges to come.